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Wooden Horse Stable

Any life with horses will no doubt include time spent at the barn. A stable is more than just a horse's home, it is where they relax, get bathed and groomed to look their best, and spend quality time bonding with the people who love them. This is an open-style barn made from solid wood that features an open front and rear swinging doors, chain stall guards and two feed bins. Ideal as a field stable or as an extra for your growing yard. Will fit up to 2 horses from either the Traditional or Classics series.

Some assembly required. Please allow half an hour assembly time and a screwdriver is needed.

- Made from wood
- 1:9 or 1:12 scale
- Fits two horse from Traditional or Classics series
- Horses & accessories not included but available separately
- Approx size 28 x 33 x 29.2 cm
- Breyer 306